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Minggu, 17 November 2013

Sahabat Bekantan

The Launching Program Proboscis or Bekantan Friend
Inauguration of Sahabat Bekantan

In order to assist the government towards protection of Proboscis in South Kalimantan - Center for the Study and Conservation of Biodiversity Indonesia ( Indonesian Biodiversity ) South Kalimantan make the program Sahabat Bekantan or "Friends of the proboscis monkey " with a mission "Save Our Mascot ". The program aims to disseminate to the protection and preservation of Proboscis , Prevention and Stop Poaching and Illegal Trade Proboscis and conservation activities are focused on the island of Bakut - Barito Kuala , South Kalimantan as a center for the study and conservation . For the first time the board was formed on Friday , 15 November 2013 , as follows: 1 . Agustina Ambar Pertiwi , Chief Coordinator , 2 . Muhammad Ilham Farihi , Secretary , 3 . Riezky Hardiyanti , as Treasurer. The Board may establish sections as needed . This stewardship appointed for 2 years and can be reelected.

Inauguration of Sahabat Bekantan

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